Flexbase & the art of writing Enterprise Apps – Part 1

4 January 2022 Off By Satyajit Behera

I have always been fascinated by the Lego bricks. Yes there was always a ‘prescribed’ way to use it and create the model on the cover.  My fascination however was for how much more could be achieved with the very same blocks. I could create towers, walls, forts, buildings, houses, roads, calculators, gardens…from the same set of blocks.  Clearly the only limit was my creativity.

** Fun fact: Did you know that six 2×4 LEGO bricks can be combined in more than 915 million ways!!!

The above pictures are from a very creative Lego ad

Writing enterprise applications using Flexbase is a similarly creatively fulfilling experience!! Really!!

The basic building blocks that any developer needs to understand are:

Plug-ins : That carry out all the data validations as per the business logic

Command Handlers: That fire the command that results from the validations performed by the Plug-ins

Subscribers: That listen to the command/ events of other subscribers, execute their business logic and fire further events as needed.

The flow of control and data for a typical API built with Flexbase would look like the image below.

Armed with these plug-ins, command handlers and subscribers and an understanding of the Publish-Subscribe pattern, there is no end to what kind of applications can be created.

And with the cool ability to generate all the plumbing code in minutes with Flexbase, you get a head start that one could only dream about earlier!

... More to follow