Hello World!

15/10/2021 0

Hello to all the passionate coders and a warm welcome to the World of Flexbase; a world where Coding is Joyful (Yes!!) and gruntwork is minimal! Flexbase is proud to draw inspiration from  the following quotes: Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering. – Bill Gates I’m not a great developer, I’m a good…

By Harish Ramachandran

How Flexbase made me a super coder

12/11/2021 0

I have always been passionate about writing code – don’t know why..! And when I joined Sumeru as a fresher trainee, I was given 3 months of training on C# .net and Flexbase and was soon writing code for an in-house WAF product.  I jumped into creating controllers, plugins for validations, queries, working with message…

By Akash Kulkarni

How not to lose sleep over product customizations & codebases

26/10/2021 0

I once heard Spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar say: “ Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional”. I could immediately connect with this, as I was struggling to manage the consequences of trying to extend/customize Spaghetti Code, and I strongly felt that much of the struggle and pain was avoidable when it came to Product development…

By Satyajit Behera

The Great Migration: Peculiar Complexities of Monolith to Microservices Migration

22/10/2021 0

There are peculiar complexities that threaten the success of monolith to microservices migration projects by making them difficult and costly to undertake.  Unfortunately, you cannot hide or ignore these complexities. Even if, somehow, you manage to complete a migration project by evading the complexities, the party wouldn’t last long. You will end up getting haunted…

By Satyajit Behera

Joy of Coding? Where to find it?

15/10/2021 0

As a Sr. developer, I have struggled many hours to put in place processes to keep the database structure and queries in sync with ever-changing customers’ requirements. Despite this, I often found myself spending a lot more time debugging/correcting the distortions that would have crept in while translating customer requirements into tables, classes, and methods.…

By Satyajit Behera