Joy of Coding? Where to find it?

15 October 2021 Off By Satyajit Behera

As a Sr. developer, I have struggled many hours to put in place processes to keep the database structure and queries in sync with ever-changing customers’ requirements.

Despite this, I often found myself spending a lot more time debugging/correcting the distortions that would have crept in while translating customer requirements into tables, classes, and methods.

The root cause always used to be the developer thinking in terms of tables and queries and methods and rarely in terms of customer domain.

Flexbase allows developers to think and write code in the following terms:

– Create a Customer
– Approve a Customer
– Customer has Orders
– Add Order for a Customer
– Customer taken care of by a dedicated support executive.

Flexbase libraries and components translate this into tables and  Db structure seamlessly like magic! The amount of time saved thanks to this is not trivial!!

What if your end-user/customer wanted to use a different Db from what is coded for in your software?

This is not a trick question…  and the solution is tricky, it is neither easy nor pain-free…. With Flexbase however, this is provided out of the box!

With Flexbase, the underlying infrastructure is totally decoupled from the business logic This gives developers the unmatched flexibility to use databases in a plug-n-play manner without impacting the domain logic at all!! Want to change from  PostGre to Oracle? No sweat, it barely takes 10 minutes.

In flights in India, as part of the safety announcements they say ” in the unlikely event of the aircraft landing in water….use lifejacket…etc.”. Likewise in the unlikely event of your customer suddenly wanting to switch to NoSQL from your current RDBMS – Flexbase provides a lifejacket even there. The trick lies in paying a little more attention to the model… but more about that in a separate post 🙂

Unleash developer creativity, minimize grunt work, rediscover the Joy of Coding with Flexbase