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Digital Transformation to Microservices – The Approach

5 January 2022 Off

I will start with a scenario where a large system is being developed for over a decade. With time, it has become a gigantic system with ideas from so many developers from time to time and the team is finding it costly and time-consuming to maintain the system on daily basis. The technology team and…

By Satyajit Behera

The Great Migration: Peculiar Complexities of Monolith to Microservices Migration

22 October 2021 Off

There are peculiar complexities that threaten the success of monolith to microservices migration projects by making them difficult and costly to undertake.  Unfortunately, you cannot hide or ignore these complexities. Even if, somehow, you manage to complete a migration project by evading the complexities, the party wouldn’t last long. You will end up getting haunted…

By Satyajit Behera